MIE Program


     The Music Immersion Experience Program at Roosevelt Elementary School in San Gabriel is a comprehensive music program embedded into the school curriculum. Music instruction is provided to every student, every day at Roosevelt Elementary School in San Gabriel, California. The models of El Sistema, Harmony Project, The Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston, as well as traditional, local programs, were used in the careful development of this program.

     There are 20 Resident Artists and 6 Assistants currently on the MIE staff serving all 400 students at Roosevelt. The program consists of a "fundamental period," which all students participate in automatically, and an "elective period," which students in the 2nd-5th grade can optionally participate in. The fundamental period includes general music for TK/K, and instrument, choral, and percussion lessons for grades 1-5. For the elective period, students in 2nd-5th grade can choose up to 3 elective classes that meets 1-3 times per week each. Choices include: Guitar, Ukulele, Orff Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Strings, Chamber Winds, Chamber Voice, Handbell Choir, Advanced Choir, Dance, Rock Band, Jazz, Latin Percussion, Musical Theater, Creative Ability Development, PreBand, and Composition.

     The Music Immersion Program at Roosevelt Elementary is entirely supported by the San Gabriel Unified School District, and is free to the students. SGUSD considers the subject of Music to be a vital part of our students' well rounded education, and it is greatly supported by the school district on all levels. 


For more information, please visit our website at https://www.sgusdvapa.org/home