School History

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School is a welcoming TK-5 school located about 14 miles east of Los Angeles in the West San Gabriel Valley. It rests in a rich historical area, which includes the San Gabriel Mission. Roosevelt's total enrollment for the 2015-16 school year is 400 students. 85% of the students enrolled are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch. Roosevelt's student population is largely English Language Learners, with 75.2% identified as Limited English Proficient. Hispanic and Asian are the two main subgroups. Hispanics make up 68.4% of the total student population, while Asians comprise of 26.3% of the total population.


Roosevelt has a school-wide Title I program, which allows Title I funding to be used to meet the needs of the entire student population in order to increase student achievement. Through Title I and LCAP funds, Roosevelt provides a full RTI (Response to Intervention) model. Identified students are provided with Tier 1, 2 and 3 services for reading intervention, and Tiers 1 & 2 for Math. Interventions are provided before, during and after school. Students who are referred to the Student Success Team (SST) are provided services and monitored based on their needs. Students who are identified as Special Education receive services through the Learning Center which provides Specific Academic Instruction based on the student’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan). Special services also include Speech & Language and/or the Adaptive Physical Education programs. Roosevelt also provides two days of direct counseling services through LCAP funds. The counselor presents lessons within the classrooms and sees students individually.


Roosevelt teachers and staff focus on student social development as well as academic success. All students from TK-5th grade follow the Roosevelt Code of Conduct:  To be A Responsible student, A Respectful student, A Good Problem Solver, A Good Decision Maker, and A Safe student. Roosevelt also focuses on positive character traits which are highlighted in the Book of the Month and in the Student of the Month Assemblies, which are funded through LCAP. Teachers infuse these social attributes into their classrooms as they provide rigorous instruction. Teachers at each grade level meet to review and use student data to drive instructional practice, differentiated instruction, and to meet the needs of all students. We believe that maintaining high standards closely aligned to district-adopted curriculum, standards, and assessments is an essential element to maintaining continued student achievement. Limited English proficient students also receive English Language Development instruction for at least 30 minutes a day by the classroom teachers. Teachers focus on four essential elements:  Students speaking in complete sentences, using Academic Structured Conversations, using Sentence Frames, and Academic Vocabulary. Teachers use a daily literacy block of instruction to strengthen students’ developmental skills in reading and writing using a workshop model and/or a Daily 5 structure, designed to fit the requirements of the California Common Core Standards.


Roosevelt offers every student the Music Immersion Experience (MIE) program as part of the academic school day. All students are provided with music development and instruction for 60 minutes a day. The 2016-2017 program will include TK - 5th grade. Starting in 1st grade, students are introduced to the violin as a foundational instrument. In 2nd - 5th grade, students are given an option to participate in two elective classes, which include but not limited to Piano, Guitar, Rock Band, Choir, Ukulele, Hand bells, Dance, Musical Theater, Latin Percussion, etc.


Roosevelt teachers and staff are dedicated to supporting all aspects of our students’ education. We encourage our families to take part in their child’s lives and to partner with Roosevelt teachers and staff to make their experience a successful one. It is essential that a strong partnership is formed to support and assist every student. This includes involving community members in providing extended learning experiences for our students and families. Roosevelt provides a safe environment where students are preparing for college and career.