Speech & Debate Team

On Saturday, December 7th, we hosted the 2nd Quarter SCJFL Elementary Speech & Debate Tournament.


Thank you to everyone who supported our team.

I am so proud of them! 

Here are the result of our latest tournament.



2nd quarter SCJFL Elementary Speech & Debate Tournament Storytelling

1st Place Champion- Cali Sadsad

10th Place- Jayden Dong

12th Place- Manny Cordova



1st Place Champion- Maite Lopez

2nd Place- Meilina Maestro

3rd Place- Kaite Huang


Original Oratory

2nd Place- Jackson Low

4th Place- Esmeralda Romero



4th Place- Jackson Low

11th Place- Tiffany Fu


Duo Interpretation

2nd Place- Maite Lopez & Jacob Chen

3rd Place- Tiffany Fu & Esmeralda Romero

4th Place- Cali Sadsad & Shana Nguyen



4th Place- Janet Ho

5th Place- Cali Sadsad

7th Place- Jackson Low

8th Place- Maeleyleia Shiavone

10th Place- Maite Lopez

16th - Shana Nguyen



10th Place- Manny Cordova


On Saturday, October 19th, we hosted the 1st Quarter SCJFL Elementary Speech & Debate Tournament.

The students were amazing. I am proud of every member of the team.

The results are as follows- (Blue received trophy- black Honorable Mention)



1st Quarter SCJFL Elementary Speech & Debate Tournament

Saturday, October 19, 2029

Roosevelt Elementary

(Blue received trophy – Black, Honorable Mention)



1st Place Champion Cali Sadsad (4th grade)

10th Jayden Dong (4th grade)

13th Mira Crosby (3rd grade)

14th Jeralyn Tapia (4th grade)



2nd Place Jackson Low

7th Meilina Maestro (3rd grade)

8th Tiffany Fu (4th grade)


Duo Interpretation

2nd Place Maite Lopez (4th grade)/Jacob Chen (5th grade)

3rd Place Tiffany Fu (4th grade)/ Esmeralda Romero (4th grade)


Original Oratory

2nd Place Esmeralda Romero (4th grade)



3rd Place Maeleyleia Schiavone (5th grade)

6th Place Kailey Rodriguez (5th grade)



4th Place Maite Lopez (4th grade)

5th Place Katie Huang (3rd grade)


Open Spar Debate

6th Place Tiffany Fu (4th grade)

8th Place Cali Sadsad (4th grade)

12th Jackson Low (5th grade)

13th Shana Nguyen (5th grade)


Novice Spar Debate

13th Meilina Maestro (3rd grade)



Special thanks to all the teachers who allowed students to perform for their class!

Thank you also to Cheryl, Ann, Michelle & Anna for making Saturday run so smoothly!!!!

Our next tournament is on December 7th!