Roosevelt Elementary School

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Student Garden

February 2017



December 2016:

Thank you parents for the donations of gloves, racks, trowels, and seeds. Also a big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Cabral, Kindergarten parents, for their matching donation with Alhambra Home Depot. Together, their donation included 3 cubic yards of soil, 13 hand trowels, and an assorted variety of vegetable seeds.


Keep the donations coming!
We still need some garden hoes and more soil.


Come and check out our tomatoes! Students planted cherry tomatoes last year. Some fell off the plants and have reseeded themselves. Now we have new cherry tomato plants growing. A true example of the circle of life!




October/November, 2016:

Roosevelt’s Student Garden was a huge success last year. TK, Kinder, and 1st grade students grew zucchini, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, string beans and snow peas.  Students enjoyed watching their vegetable plants grow and eating the different vegetables. Mrs. Martinez applied for Garden Grants to get us started.  We received a check for $1000 from the Consumer Wellness Center and $500 from the Women’s Division of San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce. Both of these grants helped us purchase seeds, supplies, and a new shed from Tuff Shed to hold our garden equipment.  A big THANK YOU! To Jim Morabito from Tuff Sheds who helped us with ordering the shed and for donating the painting for free!


This year we would like to expand our garden so that 2nd and 3rd grade students can join in on the fun and try more vegetables to eat. 


To do this, we need your help!  Please Donate any of the following:

We will need plywood, nails, and metal garden posts.  We also need garden soil, seeds, and kid size garden gloves.  We would greatly appreciate any donation you can provide to help in this effort.  A member from the Pasadena Boy Scouts will be working on his Eagle Project to help us build new garden beds.  If you would like to volunteer in your child’s class during their garden activity, please come to the Main Office to complete a Volunteer Application.  Thank you!