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Tech Troubleshooting

Having issues with virtual learning? Here are some tips that may help!

Clearing cache and cookies in Chrome (may help with slow loading webpages)
1) Get in contact with your student's teacher for instructions on how to access the meeting. Typically, they will post a link daily/weekly in Google Classroom.

2) Make sure you're not late!

3) If you get "Please wait. The host will let you in soon." error messages, be patient! This error usually means the host (your teacher) has not let you into Zoom yet. Give them time.

4) If you get "Waiting on host to start the meeting..." error messages. Please double check to make sure you have the correct link from your teacher. It can change from week to week. If you're sure the link is correct, try turning the computer off and on. Make sure you have a strong internet connection and try connecting to Zoom once more.

5) If you get stuck on "Connecting...", leave and keep trying. Alternatively, try accessing Zoom through the browser instead of through the app. 

Unfortunately, there are multiple potential causes for this issue.

1) Make sure you give permissions to the computer where necessary.

2) Your internet connection may be struggling to keep up with the demands of Zoom. Please check the tips on this page to troubleshoot. 

3) Your device's hardware may be struggling to keep up with the demands of Zoom. If you've checked out a Chromebook from the school or the district, consider exchanging your Chromebook. If you are using a personal device, check out these tips from Zoom.

4) Zoom's servers may be struggling to keep up or may be down. This is unlikely, but possible. 

Some Chromebooks are automatically receiving OS updates over time. One of the new features of the updates allows adjustment of sound input levels. Unfortunately, this also seems to have had an adverse effect of placing the input levels to maximum without users' consent. This can result in some awful screeching noises for Zoom participants. If you notice this, please try to adjust the input levels on your Chromebook.

Input levels

1) Make sure your camera lens isn't dirty or scratched.

2) Make sure the microphone hole isn't obstructed.

3) Make sure volume levels are appropriate.

4) If you're using a Chromebook, try a hardware reset!

Please call our tech at 626-237-4694.

We're here to help!

Please call our tech at 626-237-4694 to setup an appointment to help with your technology needs!

*Unfortunately, we are not able to help with personal devices, beyond basic troubleshooting*

For non-urgent issues, please submit a ticket using this link.

If your device is damaged, you may be subject to fees depending on the extent and nature of the damage.

Otherwise, please call our tech at 626-237-4694.
Before calling, please be prepared with a thorough description of the issue you are facing. The more detail the better!